Business Domains:

Business domains are subject matter areas shaped by a supply-chain perspective on trade facilitation. These areas take inspiration from the steps and processes of the UN/CEFACT Buy-Ship-Pay reference models. For each business domain the Guide presents key challenges as well as possible reform measures and appropriate solutions and instruments.


The purchasing domain introduces measures and tools that buyers and sellers can adopt for more transparent, smooth and speedy purchasing transactions. See more..

Shipping and Transport

Shipping and Transport addresses trade facilitation issues about the organization and physical movement of goods and services.

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Customs and cross-border management

Cross-border Management and Customs covers a wide range of trade facilitation issues with regard to Customs clearance, cross-border management and supply-chain security. See more..


This domain presents trade facilitation interventions to ensure prompt and full payment.

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Approaches and Methodologies Domains:

Approaches and methodologies domains introduce concepts and solutions that underpin trade-facilitation efforts.

The generic approach to TF Implementation

The generic approach to trade facilitation implementation is a simplified description of how to plan for trade facilitation reforms and to monitor their challenges.

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E-business solutions

E-business solutions cover aspects related to the electronic exchange of documents and information for cross border trade. See more..

Business Process Analysis

This component presents Business Process Analysis as a methodology to model and analyse the processes underpinning cross-border trade clearance. See more..

Consultation and Cooperation

Consultation and Cooperation discusses public-public cooperation and trade-government consultation for trade facilitation implementation. See more..