WCO Data Model

The WCO Data Modelis an initiative of the World Customs Organization to simplify and standardize data requirements of Cross-border regulatory agencies including customs. Version 1.0 of the Data Model was developed based on a G7 initiative to simplify and standardize data requirements for reporting goods and cargo declarations to customs. This version of the data set and the message implementation guidelines were published in 2002. Successive versions 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 enlarged the scope of the instrument. Version 3.0 of the WCO Data Model takes into account the increasing rate of Single Window developments, and aims for a better inclusion of other government agency (OGA) requirements.

After the production of Version 3.0 of the WCO Data Model, the focus shifted on support to the adoption of the instrument by WCO members. In the process, annual updates to Version 3.0, called Version 3.1, 3.2 and so on were produced. These updates incorporate the feedback received from WCO member administrations.
The WCO DM is designed to provide a complete set of data and data structures for Customs and related agencies, such as agriculture and environmental protection. The model can be used to develop messages incorporating export, import and transit operations particularly with regard to a Single Window project.

The WCO Data Model comprises a library of components comprising a data set, business process models and information models based on UML. The data set is developed based on requirements defined in international conventions and common requirements based on legislation in member administrations. Data elements and code lists are aligned the maximum extent possible with existing international data standards. Based on this library of components, information packages have been developed for use by cross-border regulatory agencies in order to support data exchange in the context of Customs automation and Single Window.

WCO Data Model representation

A generic description is given in Data Models.

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