UNNExT Single Window Project Implementation Guide

Author/Source: UNESCAP and UNECE.

Year of adopting/publication: 2012

Link to the document on the internet: Single Window Planning and Implementation Guide

Purpose: To assist the decision makers, Government officials and private stakeholders to address managerial issues that may affect the planning, the development and operation of Single Window systems, including their cross-border interoperability.

Summary: The Guide contains managerial guidelines and strategies for a systematic approach to a Single Window implementation. It presents a holistic and systematic framework for guiding the planning and implementation of the SW vision. The recommended framework, an architecture-based approach called Single Window Implementation Framework (SWIF), guides policy managers and decision makers on how to systematically structure the challenges of Single Window implementation into less complicated and more manageable sub-components. The Guide also suggests a stepwise project management process and practical steps spanning project initiation, environment analysis, solution and architecture design, and the elaboration of a high-level master plan for implementation. And finally, the Guide summarizes key ideas to secure political will and ensure effective collaboration of all stakeholders. A case study at the end of this guide summarizes the implementation experiences and history of a national Single Window project using the described implementation framework.

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