UNNExT Handbook on Implementing UN/CEFACT e-Business Standards in Agricultural Trade

Author/Source: UNECE

year of adoption/publication: 2016
Document reference: ST/ESCAP/275

Link to the document on the internet: Implementing UN/CEFACT e-Business standards in agricultural trade: A handbook for policy makers and project managers

Purpose: This handbook presents a general framework for the implementation of e-Business standards in the agrifood sector. It aims to facilitate the process of adoption of relevant e-Business standards by providing easily adaptable material for the formulation of implementation projects.

Summary: The handbook presents a summary introduction to eBusiness standards and commonalities of their implementation in developing countries, highlighting necessary steps for successful implementation. It then presents four business areas for which eBusiness standards have already been developed and two areas for which eBusiness standards are under development. These areas are:

  • Electronic phytosanitary certificates (eCERT)
  • Electronic reporting of sustainable fishery management (UN/FLUX);
  • Electronic exchange of laboratory analysis results (eLAB);
  • Electronic CITES permission management (eCITES)
  • Information exchange of rapid alert data for food and feed;
  • Animal traceability.