UNNExT Data Harmonisation and Modelling Guide


Year of adopting/publication: 2012

Link to the document on the internet: Data Harmonisation and Modelling Guide

UN Document Number: ST/ESCAP/2619

Purpose: to asset governments and business in harmonizing and standardizing the international trade data required in fulfilling all import, export, and transit-related regulatory requirements.

Summary: presents a step-by step approach on how to conduct a data harmonization exercise and a basic concept for assembling electronic messages. The guide's target group are practitioners, project managers, data modelers and data analysts that are involved in a data harmonization project. It complements the UNNExT Business Process Analysis Guide and will be used as tool in capacity building efforts. The stepwise approach guides through the process of data harmonization, leading first to the creation of data models that specify the structure and properties of particular documents, and then to the development of electronic messages. It is a practical tool introducing international standards such as UNLK, UNTDED, CCL, and data models, in particular the WCO Data Model. Furthermore, it informs about the composition of a project team to conduct data harmonization.

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