Technical Notes on Trade Facilitation

Author/Source: ITC, UNCTAD, UNECE

Year of adopting/publication: 2019.

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Purpose: to provide a legal explanation of the measures contained in the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement, with a view to support policymakers in designing the framework for their implementation.

Summary: The publication features 37 individual technical notes on each of the TFA measures providing a legal analysis of each TFA article, as well as tailored checklists and to-do steps to facilitate their practical implementation. Each of the notes introduces technical and practical details of major trade facilitation concepts and best practices relating to the TFA articles to support policymakers in engineering practical action plans to implement TFA obligations. A particular emphasis was placed on the presentation of implementation-related issues, including information on costs, challenges and benefits of implementing each measure to improve the cross-border trade and contribute to make the business environment more conducive.