Trade and Transport Facilitation Assessment

Author: The World Bank, International Trade Department and Transport Sector Unit

Publication date: The new edition was published in 2010. The new edition is an update of the original Trade and Transport Faciltiation Audit (TTFA) developed in 2001.

Location: The assessment guide is available on the World Bank site

Purpose: The trade and transport facilitation assessment is a practical tool to identify the obstacles to the fluidity of trade supply chains.

Overview: The toolkit helps design plans of action to improve logistics performance among its three main dimensions: infrastructure, services, and procedures and processes. The assessment is designed to be implemented in two phases that are conducted over a period of several months by a group of mixed stakeholders.
Phase 1 is intended to provide an understanding of the problems in infrastructure, regulations, transport and logistics services and border procedures that affect trade competitiveness in the country or region. At the end of this phase a preliminary report identifies general bottlenecks. A concept note is prepared that provides the focus and organization for the phase 2.
Phase 2 provides further detail to the problems identified during phase 1 and leads to the elaboration of a plan of action that includes a series or project components.

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