Recommendation No. 33

Recommendation and Guidelines Establishing A Single Window

Author/Source: UNECE through its Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT)

Year of adopting/publication: 2004 (first version)
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Purpose of the guidelines that are part of the recommendations: To assist governments and trade in planning and establishing a Single Window facility for international import, export, and transit related regulatory requirements.

Summary: The recommendation and the complementary guidelines was one of the first document issued by an international organization that aimed at providing guidance on the establishment of a Single Window. It was developed based on a review of existing Single Windows, inter alia in the USA, in Mauritius, and Sweden. The document first presents and discusses the different technological and organizational models of a Single Window, list benefits to both traders and public administration, and presents, by way of reference to existing Single Windows possible services of a Single Window. Of more practical interest are the practical steps that are introduced and the introduction of standards and tools.
In 2006, UNECE has initiated and maintained a Single Window repository that brings together information on existing case studies. It provides useful additional information on country's experience with the establishment of a Single Window. It can be accessed on the UNECE website, here.

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