Recommendation No. 32

UNECE Recommendation No.32 on E-Commerce Self-Regulatory Instruments (Codes of Conduct)

Author/Source:UNECE through its UN Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT)

Year of adopting/publication: 2001 (first version)
Document reference: TRADE/CEFACT/2001/14

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Purpose:This Recommendation provides a model code of conduct for electronic commerce based on the one developed by the Electronic Commerce Platfrom of the Netherlands.

Summary: Trust is essential for the development of electronic business between parties that have never dealt with each other before. Self-regulation has been recognized as a powerful instrument to create trust in electronic business. Self-regulation means that businesses involved in electronic business voluntarily undertake to comply with certain rules of conduct when dealing electronically with others. Self-regulation can take different forms, e.g. adopting a code of conduct or participating in a national or international trustmark scheme.
The proposed code of conduct is an example of such a model and provides a checklist that could be used when developing codes of conduct on electronic commerce at national, sectorial, industry or individual level. It consists of general provisions related to the scope of the code and its enforcability, to reliability of the information , systems and organisations and electronic signatures, to transparency, and to confidentiality and privacy.

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