Recommendation No.3

Code for the Representation of Names of Countries

Author/Source: UNECE through its Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT)

Year of adopting/publication: 1996 (first version). The standard ISO 3166 is maintained by the Secretariat of ISO and regularly updated.
Document reference: ECE/TRADE/ 201

Link to the document on the internet: Recommendation N.3

Purpose: To recommend use of the two-letter alphabetic code referred to in the International Standard ISO 3166 as “ISO AL- PHA-2 Country Code”, for representing the names of countries for purposes of International Trade whenever there is a need for a coded alphabetical design- nation;

Summary: Being aware of the need of an internationally agreed code system to represent names of countries the ISO Standard provides a two- letter and a three-letter alphabetic code, for representing the names of countries, dependencies and other areas of special geopolitical interest for purposes of international interchange. The International Standard is intended for use in any application requiring the expression of entities in coded form.

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