Recommendation No. 24

Trade and Transport Status Codes

Author/Source: UNECE through its Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT)

Year of adopting/publication: 1995 (first version), last approved revision 2009
Document reference: ECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2009/26

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Purpose: To provide a coding system for transport status codes.

Summary: In international trade, there is a requirement to exchange information about the status of consignments, goods, equipment or means of transport at a certain time or place in the logistic chain. For tracing and tracking purposes, the concept “transport status codes” has been introduced and EDIFACT messages have been developed to contain this information. In order to ensure consistency in the exchange of information concerning the status of goods, consignments and/or equipment, a common understanding of the concepts “Transport status” and “Status reason” is necessary.
Transport status: a snapshot of the position and/or condition of consignments, goods and/or equipment at any point in time or place within the full transport or logistical chain.
Status reason: an explanation or justification of the status of consignments, goods and/or equipment.
The codes provided for in this Recommendation are intended for use in manual and/or automated systems for the exchange of information between all participants in international trade.

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