Recommendation No. 20

Codes for Units of Measure Used in International Trade

Author/Source: UNECE through its Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT)

Year of adopting/publication: 1981 (first version), last approved revision 2010
Document reference: CEFACT/ICG/2010/IC013

Link to the document on the internet: Recommendation No. 20

Purpose: To recommend of a single list of code elements for units of measure for use worldwide in administration, commerce, transport, science and technology is provided.

Summary: This Recommendation establishes a single list of code elements to represent units of measure for length, mass (weight), volume and other quantities (including units of count) and covering administration, commerce, transport, science, technology, industry etc. The code elements provided for in this recommendation are intended for use in manual and/or automated systems for the exchange of information between participants in international trade and of other economic, scientific and technological activities.

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