Recommendation No. 18

Facilitation Measures related to International Trade Procedures

Author/Source: UNECE developed this Recommenation through its Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT).

Year of adopting/publication: 1982 (first version), last approved revision 2002.
Document reference: ECE/TRADE/271

Link to the document on the internet: Recommendation No. 18

Purpose: Its purpose is to provide recommendations for the adoption of measures facilitating international trade transactions.

Summary: Recommendation 18 provides a comprehensive set of recommendations regarding international best practices and standards for the facilitation and harmonization of trade transactions, from initial commercial documents to payment measures, official controls and transportation of goods. The document reflects recent developments in trade practice, as well as the ongoing changes brought about by the adoption of electronic business tools and related business models. The Recommendation provides a description of the UN/CEFACT BUY-SHIP-PAY model of the international supply chain, which aims at capturing the complexity of international trade, including the key elements of a trade transaction. Based on this model, specific measures were developed to cover the key elements of the trade transaction process and these are presented under four major categories, namely: -commercial measures; international payment measures; official control measures; and transport related measures. Recommendation 18 targets both companies involved in the business of trade, and national Governments and national and international organizations related to trade. The Recommendation should be especially relevant to transition and developing countries which can still significantly improve their economic performance by streamlining international trade procedures.

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