Process Analysis Approach

Business Process Analysis should be conducted in a structured approach of analysis that provides answers to the questions below.

Addressed by this BPA stage
What do we want to do?
Project Definition and Scope
Where are we?
"As-Is" Description/Analysis
Where do we want to go?
"To-Be" Design/Validation
How do we get there?

Each consecutive stage of a BPA provides answers to these questions.

The stages of BPA are the following:

  1. Establish project team
  2. Define scope
  3. The "As-Is" process
  4. Identify -opportunities for improvement
  5. The "To-Be" process

The UNNext Guide on BPA provides a detailed description of each of these steps and the Cambodia cCase studystory summaries the Cambodian experience using BPA for the analysis of to evaluate procedures, times and related costs associated with the export and import of products of strategic importance.

They can be modeled using a USE-Case diagram as seen below:

Use Case diagram of involved actors and stages in BPA