Port/Airport Control

Port/Airport control regulates and monitors the arrival,stay and departure of conveyances (ships/aircraft) as well as access to the port/airport area(s).

The IMO as well as the ICAO have developed relevant international conventions (IMO FAL Convention and ICAO Chicago Convention Annex 9) that have set international standards for important facilitation documents. The forms are often tailored to national circumstances and combined or integrated with other information and forms, especially for customs purposes.

The forms as defined by IMO for maritime and ICAO for air traffic include:

  • General Declaration (Arrival and departure declarations)
  • Cargo Declaration
  • Ship's Stores Declaration
  • Crew's Effects Declaration
  • Crew List
  • Passenger List
  • Dangerous Goods Manifest
  • Maritime Declaration of Health
  • The document required under the Universal Postal Convention for mail

Most implementations of the IMO FAL documents do not use paper documents, but electronic versions which are communicated to all relevant authorities including Customs either directly or through the services of a Port Community System or Airport Community System.