Global Facilitation Partnership for Transport and Trade (GPFTT)

The Global Facilitation Partnership for Transport and Trade (GFPTT) aims at bringing together all interested parties, public and private, national and international, who want to help achieve significant improvements in transport and trade facilitation in World Bank member countries. The Partners have together agreed to design and undertake specific programmes towards meeting these objectives, making use of their specific advantages in the subject matter in a coordinated fashion.

The United Nations Trade Facilitation network was established as a common platform for UN agencies involved in trade facilitation activities. It was launched in response to a request from the High Level Committee on Programs of the United Nations Chief Executives Board to identify trade facilitation issues to be addressed in a coordinated manner within the United Nations system. Recognizing that these agencies have different approaches to trade facilitation, this platform concentrates information on each agency's approach. It provides a doorway for users to investigate further the work carried out by one or another UN agency.

The GFPTT has developed a website to create an open information and exchange plattform depicting the leading developments at all levels and covering all aspects of Trade and Transport Facilitation. The website hosts more than 800 reference materials, arranged in various topic areas, and publishes events of its members.