Establish the Project and Team

Any trade facilitation project is likely to cross organizational boundaries and involve experts from more than one domain. Thus the project sponsor must be in a position to ensure cooperation between domain experts and provide overall direction for the work.

Successful stakeholder coordination

While stakeholder coordination may require different approaches depending on country circumstances, there are common critical factors, or to-do's, that should be taken into account - see Figure below. Picture taken from


Success factors regarding stakeholder coordination

Stakeholders participating in the business process analysis study can be categorized into four groups, as shown in the Figure (see also Table 3.1 [BPA-Guide UNNEXT]).

Project Sponsor
Commit resources, approve the project scope and key deliverables, provide management support and direction
Project Manager/Project Leader
Acquire relevant information, develop a detailed plan and organize project's resources
Project Analyst Conduct desk research and interviews, analyse and identify bottlenecks, document As-Is process, and develop recommendations for simplifications
Process Participants/Business Domain Experts Provide relevant knowledge on the investigated processes, review final outputs, verify the applicability of recommendations

Each stakeholder category carries specific roles and responsibilities within different parts of the analysis process that are shown in Figure below.

Deliverables and comments regarding the step: "Develop a detailed plan and ensure resources" ("Establish project and team" phase)

Deliverables Do's
Detailed project plan including human resources, schedules and software supported tools. Set up the team consisting of process analysts with critical thinking, good personalities and sound interpersonal skills. Do not underestimate the effort required and problems in scheduling certain tasks, especially those relating to human interactions, e.g. data collection and verification.
A list of potential interviewees and their contact information    

The next stage of the BPA process is to define the scope of the project. Refer to the Process Analysis Methodology to learn more about the deliverables and responsibilities of the roles in each phase.