SMEs and the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement. A training manual

Author/Source: ITC

Year of adoption/publication: 2015
Document reference: Doc. No. TFPB-15-343.E

Link to the document on the internet: The manual is available online.

Purpose: The training manual was written to assist the business community to better understand the technical measures of this new Agreement and the opportunities they might offer to importers, exporters or others involved in international trade in reducing delays and costs in moving goods across borders.

Summary: The seven chapters of this training manual explains each of the measures of the Agreement in plain language and provides additional information such as practical examples for using the provisions, country case studies and embedded videos to illustrate the measure. With a focus on the practical implications of the measures, the manual explains for each provision the key elements of the measure, the intended benefits from a business perspective, and an outline of the practical steps that businesses might take in order to take advantage of the measure.

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