World Bank. Developing a Trade Information Portal

Author: The World Bank

Year of adopting/publication: 2011

Location: The assessment guide is available on the World Bank site

Purpose: to discuss the issues and challenges that developing nations are likely to face when implementing a Trade Information Portal.

Summary: This practical guide is a practical guide on how to design and set up a Trade Information Portal (TIP). A TIP is defined primary as “a website that provides a single point of access for all the information on regulatory requirements needed to undertake international trade”, and more specifically to differentiate a TIP from marketplace type of portals, « as a resource provided by governments to traders in order to obtain, from one single source, all the information that importers or exporters in a given country may require in order to comply with their regulatory obligations in relation to all the government agencies that control export, import or transit business.”

The guide provides a checklist of practical guidelines for the steps that might be required in order to achieve effective implementation. The checklist addresses issues such as setting the scope and vision, financing model, legal aspects, and project planning and implementation monitoring.

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