SW Guide for Africa

Author/Source: African Alliance for e-Commerce (AACE)

Year of adopting/publication: April 2013

Link to the document on the internet: Available from the AACE website

Purpose: contribute to the technical and intellectual discussions of the concept of Single Window and its implementation in Africa and to assist administrations in building a SW vision and undertake the implementation thereof.

Summary: As a reference document, the guide provides information on economic, statutory, institutional and technological context for Single Windows, discusses the different Single Window models that have been implemented, and provides practical and strategic recommendations and advice for the design of a Single Window.
The guide is written by practitioners and experts who have been directly involved in the design and implementation of a Single Windows. It therefore seeks to comprehensively address the Single Window approach from different perspectives including:

  • A legal framework
  • A methodological approach
  • Technological guidelines and detailed technical orientations
  • A minimal institutional framework

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