Single Window for Trade Facilitation: Regional Best Practices and Future Development

Author/Source: United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) with contribution of UNNExT experts.

Year of adopting/publication: 2018

Link to the document on the internet: Available from the UNESCAP website

Purpose: To raise awareness of Single Window stakeholders on key issues in implementing and further advancing Single Windows.

Summary: Following a review of the implementation of SW in Asia and the Pacific, this study provides updated and detailed analysis of four “best practice” SW cases, which may be benchmarked by other SW implementers. Furthermore, the study also tries to identify user requirements in further advancing operation and services of SWs, based on analysis of a public and private sector stakeholders survey in the Republic of Korea. Based on the analysis of the best practice SW cases and the findings from a survey of SW stakeholders from both public and private sectors in the Republic of Korea, a number of key recommendations for SW implementers in the region are proposed, including:

  1. Actively engage private sector in optimizing operation of SWs and to make them sustainable,
  2. Make use of regional institutional mechanisms and initiatives to build political will and technical and legal capacity for SW,
  3. Consider how the SW will integrate B2B services into its original B2G design,
  4. Enable SWs to exchange and process cross-border trade data and documents,
  5. Cooperate in the development of legal and technical solutions for cross-border paperless data exchange, and
  6. Plan for continuous improvement in the operation and delivery of services through SWs.