Paperless Framework for Agrifood Trade Facilitation


Year of adopting/publication: 2015

Link to the document on the internet: Available from the UNESCAP website

UN Document Number: ST/ESCAP/2711

Purpose:Tto outline a framework for integrated agrifood information management, taking into account the functional needs of various stakeholders along the supply chain.

Summary: This policy guide builds on the series of technical and legal guides produced by UNNExT to facilitate paperless trade implementation. Aimed mainly at government officials involved in overseeing and making policies related to agrifood trade, it is also relevant to the private sector (both existing and potential traders), associations and any agrifood supply-chain stakeholders interested in making agrifood trade both safer and more efficient. The publication offers practical recommendations for, and milestones in the enhancement of agrifood information systems for trade facilitation, including a recommendation to develop a Single Window for Agrifood Trade (SWAT).

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