ICC Guidance on Transfer Pricing and Customs Valuation

Author/Source: International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

Year of adopting/publication: 2012 and updated in 2015

Link to the document on the internet: The ICC Incoterms publication is available at the ICC website


Summary: The frequent disparity between customs and tax regulations results in significant difficulties for international business and trade flows. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), as the world business organization, believes that tax and customs examinations should yield the same value, and harmonization of transfer pricing and customs valuation between related parties in an international context is in the interests of all concerned. For this reason, ICC calls upon governments to ensure convergence of fiscal and customs valuation approaches and makes tangible proposals in the 2015 ICC Policy Statement on Transfer Pricing and Customs Valuation that is also included in the 2015 World Customs Organizations (WCO) Guide to Customs Valuation and Transfer Pricing.

The proposals – available in French and English – are designed to help simplify regulations for companies and administrations and also to clarify rules for both parties so as to reduce the negative financial impact linked to divergent valuation. The compliance costs of companies would be significantly reduced if tax and customs administrations were to accept and implement a more coherent approach to cross-border trade. It would also minimise the risk of penalties that result from opposing views between customs and tax authorities.



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