UNCTAD Technical Notes on Trade Facilitation

Author/Source: United Nations Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

Year of adopting/publication: second version 2011.

Link to the document on the internet: Available from UNCTAD website
Link to individual updated technical note on the internet: http://unctad.org/en/pages/publications/Trade-Facilitation---Technical-Note.aspx

UN Document Number: UNCTAD/DTL/TLB/2010/1

Purpose: to provide background information on the concepts discussed in the trade facilitation negotiations at the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Summary: The publication features 17 individual technical notes on trade facilitation. Each of the notes introduces technical and practical details of major trade facilitation concepts and best practices as they relate to the consolidated draft text of the WTO negotiations on trade facilitation. Each of the technical notes was written by an acknowledged expert in the field and provides technical and practical information on a trade facilitation concept, recommendation or best practices. A particular emphasis was placed on the presentation of implementation related issues, including, when possible general information on costs and benefits.

The notes cover the following areas:

  • Publication of trade regulations
  • Internet publication
  • Single national enquiry points
  • Right of appeal against Customs and other agency rulings and decisions
  • Disciplines on the levy of fees and charges
  • Border agency coordination
  • Multi-Agency Working Group on Trade Facilitation
  • Simplification of trade documentation using international standards
  • Advance rulings
  • Post-clearance audit
  • Separating release from clearance procedures
  • Risk management for Customs control
  • Pre-arrival Customs processing
  • Use of Customs automation systems
  • Freedom of Transit and Regional Transit Arrangements
  • Bonded Customs Transit

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