IMO Standardized Documents

In its Annex, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic (FAL) contains "Standards" and "Recommended Practices" on formalities, documentary requirements and procedures which should be applied on arrival, stay and departure to the ship itself, and to its crew, passengers, baggage and cargo.

The IMO Standardized Forms (FAL 1-7) Standard 2.1, lists the documents which public authorities can demand of a ship and recommends the maximum amount of information and number of copies which should be required. IMO has developed standardized forms for seven of these documents. They are the:

  • IMO General Declaration
  • Cargo Declaration
  • Ship's Stores Declaration
  • Crew's Effects Declaration
  • Crew List· Passenger List
  • Dangerous Goods

Two other documents are required under the Universal Postal Convention and the International Health Regulations.
The general declaration, cargo declaration, crew list and passenger list constitute the maximum information necessary. The ship's stores declaration and crew's effects declaration incorporate the agreed essential minimum information requirements.

Source: IMO website